Drummond is an island off the most eastern tip of Michigan's upper peninsula. We have 5 two-bedroom waterfront cabins – – each just a stone’s throw or a long cast to the Bay. Four cabins are perched on the hill behind the lakefront cabins. All cabins have beautiful views of the island-strewn bay from kitchen tables and from cabin picnic tables. Our docks, newly renovated, have room to moor any watercraft combo you choose to get out on the water – – fishing boats, kayaks and canoes, paddle boards and pontoons – – bring your own or rent on the island. Perhaps you prefer choosing among the island's several charter services for fishing, sailing and/or sight seeing. Some guests relish in the simplicity of just floating off the resort's shore on a favorite raft or inner tube from home. We have three fire pits — ideal for nightly views of our celestial wilderness. The exceptionally dark skies of Drummond reveal layers upon layers of stars — some appearing close enough to reach, others, barely visible, are clearly unfathomably distant. Vechell’s Cedar View Resort brings you the peace, calm and quiet of nature and the beauty of this water wonderland.

We’re on Lake Huron’s Potagannissing Bay, an archipelago of 53 remote islands.